TDoSS 5. Into the Wild Country

May 31, 2016

TDoSS 5. Into the Wild Country

Sheem  16th Morgron - Year of the Stonehammer

Monsters Slain (0) Dungeons Looted (0) Gold Earned (0) Treasure Looted (0) Lord Cleaver (Orc Watcher)

So where are we?

I’ve been tracking this damn dead wizard for an age. Lord Cleaver, my magic and supposedly ‘intelligent’ sword thinks I should give up, but that shows just how much attention he pays to me - his bloody master!

A few days ago a travelling priest of Taff the Mender told me that he had seen a wagon, pulled by donkey, heading North. I’ve been trailing across country and have finally picked up a trail. I’m about a day cold by my reckoning, but gaining ground on Bluebell.

Still wondering why someone would want to steal a dead wizard and head into dangerous country. Which reminds me, I caught glimpse of a bunch of green-skins up on a bluff this morning. Don’t think they saw me, but no camp fire tonight. I’ll be freezing my plums off! Balls and ashes! Still, I’ll stick Lord Cleaver in the ground to keep watch. He’d rather be with me than an Orc. I think.

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Sizing Chart
S 34-36 38


M 38-40 41


L 42-44 44


XL 46-48 48


XXL 48-50 52 32
XXXL 50-52 56 33
XXXXL 52-54 60 34
S 0-2 32.5 25
M 4-6 34.5 26
L 8-10 36.5 26.5
XL 12-14 39.5 27.25