TDoSS 4. Anyone Seen a Corpse?

Posted by Damien Bidmead on

Zinthaka 11th Morgron - Year of the Stonehammer

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I'm looking for a corpse? Anyone seen one? This one is dressed in fancy robes and goes under the name of Gazoo the Magnificent. I've been tracking the bastards who inched my wagon and dead wizard bounty for days and nothing. Not a squeak. I followed the trail to a bridge, found the wagon, but no body. The Gods!

I got a tip off from a wandering priest this morning. He said he saw a battered cart being pulled by a donkey only hours ago some miles North. Best be off, just stopped for a bite and a piss. Wish me luck.

Does it seem odd that someone has stolen a dead wizard? They must be after the bounty too. Also, does it seem odd that I found the wizard dead on the road? I didn't really think about it before. I'll sleep on it.