About us

Let's talk about us shall we?

Thought you'd take a peep behind the bar eh? Well we have nothing to hide.

  • Stanko Steelbeard's Mead Hall is a place for geeks and practitioners of the pencil and paper games of imagination and story-telling. There are many RPG (role playing games) out there, but our favourite is good old Dungeons & Dragons by Wizards of the Coast (used to be TSR for the old folks)
  • We sell T-Shirts because we wear them. Find us a table-top game where the players aren't wearing cool shirts and we'll drink something horrible from the Underdark!
  • Used to be that we worked out of Neverwinter, but we moved to sunny Bourne End in Buckinghamshire.
  • We've been trading since 2003, but this shop was summoned in 2016.
  • Our adventuring party consists of one pixel pusher, or "designer" as he calls himself, one technical wizard, one print manager, one customer service goblin and a few minions we picked up on our travels.
  • Our adventurers kit consists of two state of the art Direct to Garment printers, magically enhanced Sublimation printers and a whole lot of alchemist inks.
  • If you are local, or fancy popping in for a brew, we'd be pleased to see yeh.